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10 Steps to Taking an Ancestor or Cousin to the Temple
Last Revised 4 Feb 2016

President Thomas S Monson counseled us to "plunge into this work, and ... prepare for some uphill climbing." This document outlines 7 steps for taking the plunge and 3 additional "uphill climbing" steps to help you learn to "perform [your] family history work well", as President Monson said the Lord expects. The first 7 steps are also covered in the presentation Taking an Ancestor or Cousin to the Temple

Mark Shepherdbeginning, intermediatehandoutFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, temple, research, duplicates, igi_af_prf, FamilySearchAll
10 Ways Family History Can Help You Sanctify the Sabbath
Last Revised 5 Nov 2015

Great ideas to help families do sanctifying activities on the sabbath. Includes links to more information.

Savannah Kate Braunbeginning, intermediateblogFamily Tree, Records and sources, Research skills, Finding and merging duplicates, Temple, Indexing, FamilySearch partnersAll
3rd Hour Family Tree Training
Last Revised 10 Aug 2017

This is a concise training on how to get started on Family Tree and then move forward. It is designed to be used in the 3rd hour or the Sunday School hour. It can be stopped as students use their laptops/tablets to do what is shown. Then the next week, the class can pick up where they left off. This is a great way to do a group presentation which is followed up with one-on-one consultant -patron training.

Robert GivensbeginningpresentationFamily TreeanySunday School lessons
5 Wacky or Restricted Records on Family Tree
Last Revised 30 Aug 2017

Several things occur on a record that make them "wacky." Looping pedigrees where, for example, "I am My Own Grandpa," is one such anomaly. Mis-merged duplicate records are the bane of the entire program. Read-Only or Restricted records with a yellow banner are a surprise when one comes to them. Why they exist is explained. And you may encounter more such things. 

Cathy AndereggintermediatepresentationFamily Tree, duplicatesanyRead-Only, Restricted, Loops, IOUS, Data Problems
Adding Memories to Family Tree
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

Adding family treasures like photos, stories, documents, and audio files either to the new Gallery or to a Details Person Page brings living people in Private Spaces and ancestors to life, and turns the hearts of descendants. Memories with url addresses as sources also capture family blogs,YouTube videos, Pinterest, and more for a  modern approach. Turning paper artifacts into digital items so they can be uploaded to Family Tree (FT) can be tricky, so help is here. With continuing technological advances, it is the “end of the world as we know it,” and we need to keep up if possible. These 5 colorful presentations can be used with a projector for consultant classes or individually, for non commercial purposes. Included are links to FamilySearch blogs, Help Center articles, advice from the pros and others. Please send feedback to cathyanderegg@comcast.net

Cathy AnderegganypresentationFamily Tree, MemoriesanyMemories, Photos, Documents, Stories, Audio, Video
Adding Sources in Family Tree
Last Revised 2 Oct 2015

Tricks for adding sources to Family Tree through Record Hints and Source Linker.

Heather McPhieintermediate, advancedvideoRecords and sourcesAll
Answers Hiding in Plain Sight: Using What You Know to Discover What You Don't Know
Last Revised 23 Oct 2016

Ever feel like you're looking into a genealogical dark tunnel, with no idea where to go next? Turn on the light by using what you already know to discover what you don't know. We'll see examples of how this simple but sometimes overlooked principle can help solve puzzles and extend your family lines.

Kathryn GrantintermediatepresentationresearchAll
Assure it is Accurate
Last Revised 5 Aug 2017

How to Assure your family history records are Accurate. Links and explanations about why we use sources and the research process.

Terrence Masonbeginning, intermediateweb pageRecords, Research Principles, Family Tree, Consultant trainingAll
Changing Deceased Status to Living on Family Tree
Last Revised 30 Nov -0001

If someone has listed a living person as deceased, this shows you how to make the necessary change of status.

Kent Jaffabeginning, intermediatepresentationAdding and editing in Family TreeAll
Consultant Planner
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

A new tool for consultants that makes helping others easy. The best innovation from FamilySearch in years.

Cathy AnderegganypresentationFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, temple, researchanyConsultant Help, Planner
Consultant Planner Helps You do Your Family History
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

FamilySearch has found many resources to help you successfully do your family history. The Consultant Planner shows you how to access these resources. Your local Consultant will help you learn what to do. 

Cathy AnderegganypresentationFamily Tree, temple, research, duplicatesanyConsultant Planner, Resources
Consultant, Youth and FH Center Director Helps
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

This section will continually be updated as we receive more FS blogs, and ideas from Consultants around the world. A powerpoint presentation on how the Ward Council, High Priest Group Leaders and Consultants work together according to the Handbook of Instructions. If you have good ideas to share with others on how to further Family History in our wards and stakes, and with youth, please send to cathyanderegg@comcast.net

Cathy Anderegganyhandout, presentation, videoFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, temple, indexingConsultants, Priesthood leaders, Youth
Creating a Life Sketch in Family Tree
Last Revised 4 Dec 2015

This quick, easy guide to writing a life sketch can also be found on the FamilySearch.org learning center. Note: the guide is an MS Word document. If you click the link but don't see the document, check your download folder.

Heather McPhiebeginningpresentationAdding and editing in Family TreeAll
DNA Genetic Genealogy - What is it?
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

 1. Learn the basics of what DNA is, and how it works. The types of DNA and what they can and can not do for family history. Companies offering DNA tests, prices, ethnicity accuracy, and more.Many videos explaining all this in simple terms. Recommendations for more learning. 1 hour


2. Ancestry White Paper; Uses of DNA in Crime Scenes, Paternity and Adoption Cases; DNA Tests and Accuracy;  Blaine Bettinger’s ideas; DNA jargon - like haplogroups, strs and snps, The Ancestry Insider on Ancestry Genetic Groups; ISOGG Comparison of 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, and National Geographic companies; The Legal Genealogist notes; Genetics Glassory Jargon; Kitty Cooper’s Blog; Journal of Genetic Genealogy; Kent Jaffa’s MatCompare pt 1; Expert opinions and recommendations at Yammer; and various YouTube videos many of which were converted to Mp4 versions for part 1. Browse at your leisure.

Cathy Andereggintermediatepresentationresearch, DNAanyDNA, Genetic Genealogy
Duplicate Merging Hastens Temple Work
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

Duplicates: Finding them, Merging them. Declaring Not A Match. Undoing a Merge. IOUS records. Data Problems. Beginners stay clear for a while.

Cathy Andereggintermediate, advancedhandout, presentation, videoFamily Tree, temple, duplicates, FamilySearch partnersusersIOUS, Not a Match, Unmerge, Hasten temple work
Duplicates in Family Tree: Why They're There, How to Find Them, and How to Resolve Them
Last Revised 19 Sep 2016

This presentation explains how to find obvious and less obvious duplicates in Family Tree. You'll also learn best practices for merging duplicates so that information and relationships are not lost.

Kathryn Grantintermediate, advancedpresentationFinding and Merging Duplicates, TempleAll
Duplicates in Family Tree: Why They're There, How to Find Them, and How to Resolve Them
Last Revised 20 Sep 2016

This webinar explains how to find obvious and less obvious duplicates in Family Tree. You'll also learn best practices for merging duplicates so that information and relationships are not lost.

Kathryn Grantintermediate, advancedwebinarft, duplicatesAll
Family History Research--Genealogical Proof, Part I
Last Revised 1 Oct 2014

This is Part I of a two part series on doing family history research. It discusses some of the methods to do good research and how to be more sure of your conclusions. It is done in a fun way by comparing research to detective investigations and using examples. The second video, Part II, is Advanced Detective Studies.

Kent JaffaanyvideoResearch skillsAll
Family History Research--Genealogical Proof, Part II
Last Revised 6 Oct 2014

This is Part II of a two part series on doing family history research. It discusses some of the methods to do good research and how to be more sure of your conclusions. It is done in a fun way by comparing research to detective investigations and using examples. The first video is Part I, Is Your Great Uncle Really Your Great Aunt?

Kent Jaffaintermediate, advancedvideoResearch skillsAll
Family Tree LITE
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

Easier and faster to use, showing only 4 generations. Best for areas with love internet, where devices are primarily used with low data. Great for teaching kids and youth, and as a "teacher training" tool.

Cathy AndereggbeginningpresentationFamily TreeusersFamily Tree Lite
Family Tree Training
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

It is vitally important that each user gets trained with the proper tools to use the FamilySearch Family Tree pedigree. Since our families are important to us, we don’t want incorrect data or relationships damaging our ancestral lines. This can happen quickly when an uneducated user starts adding, editing or deleting information. Here ere over 50 up-to-date lessons for 16 Topics, provided free of charge. The creator is Cathy Pearce Anderegg at cathyanderegg@comcast.net with help from contributors to FSFamilyTreeUserGroup. Links to advice from experts, Help Center Articles, genealogy bloggers and other resources makes for in depth information in each topic, either for individual study or class presentations. Contact me to download. Enjoy and learn!

Cathy Andereggintermediate, advancedhandout, presentationFamily Tree, Navigating Family Tree, Records and Sources, Temple, Indexing, research, duplicates, IGI/AF/PRF, Mobile AppsAllFirst steps, Add-Edit, Pioneers, Icons, Indexing, Prophecies, Funnies
Find Take Teach - Behind the slogan
Last Revised 25 Aug 2016

Some of us in family history cringe at Slogans and simple messaging. Here is my take on the Find Take Teach message promoted by the Church and how we can embrace it and help others.

Chris YounganypresentationAll
Find, Take, Teach Sunday School Course
Last Revised 22 Nov 2016

This course is designed to help LDS Church members develop basic family history skills, learn to love family history, and to have a Find, Take, Teach experience. Course length is flexible depending on class member needs.

Mark Shepherdbeginninghandout, presentation, coFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, temple, research, duplicates, FamilySearch partnersAll
Finding Hidden Ordinances in Family Tre
Last Revised 6 Apr 2017


Many records have been incorrectly merged in Family Tree or incorrectly combined in nFS. Other records were submitted with minimal qualifying information. All of these situations cause ordinances to be hidden in Family Tree. This handout demonstrates how to find many of these hidden ordinances

Mark ShepherdadvancedhandoutFamily Tree, temple, duplicates, igi_af_prfany
Following Family Tree Tombstones
Last Revised 18 Sep 2016

Following the history of a Family Tree Record through its merges is easier if you include "Tombstone" Sources for the deleted Family Tree records change logs. Often times information is left behind through a series of nested merges and can be difficult to follow. Building  "Tombstone" sources can help

Chris YounganypresentationFamily Tree, researchAll, Consultants
Getting Started with English Research
Last Revised 10 Sep 2015

This presentation touches briefly on English history and culture, but its main focus is on the most useful records and how to search them. It also gives an example of tracing ancestors who emigrated from England.

Kathryn GrantbeginningpresentationResearch skills, Records and sources, FamilySearch partnersAllGreat Britain
Getting the Most from the Search Function on FamilySearch
Last Revised 19 Jan 2017The Search function on FamilySearch puts a vast array of family history resources at your fingertips, including historical records, books, microfilms, wiki articles, and more. Discover what's available and learn tips for effective searches.
Kathryn GrantintermediatepresentationResearchAll
Green Temple Hunting: Consequences, Frequency, and Recommendations
Last Revised 3 Oct 2016

200 Family Tree records of distant relatives with either available green temples or already reserved ordinances were reviewed. For available green temples, the frequency of probable incorrect relationships and probable duplicate ordinances were evalutated. For ordinances already reserved, the frequency of the submitter having contributed information or sources to the record was determined. A high frequency of incorrect relationships, duplicate ordiances, and no contribution to the Family Tree records of persons submitted was observed.

Mark ShepherdanyhandoutFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, temple, research, duplicatesAll
Help! My family is all messed up on Family Tree
Last Revised 1 Sep 2015

Ben goes through many helpful ways to correct mistakes people make in Family Tree including incorrectly merged or deleted people and more. He also shows tips on how to use the Watch feature to help monitor and correct changes. 1 hour to present

Ben BakerintermediatepresentationNavigating FamilySearch and Family Tree, Adding and editing in Family Tree, Finding and merging duplicates in Family TreeAllWatch List, Latest Changes, Wiki
Hidden Clues on Person Records in Family Tree
Last Revised 18 Apr 2016

Have you ever looked at a person record in Family Tree and wondered where the information came? How reliable it is? Why some vital information and relationships are included, but others aren't? How to see a history of changes to the person record? This presentation answers these questions and more.

Kathryn GrantBeginning, IntermediatePresentationFamily Tree, research, duplicates, igi_af_prfAllPID, extracted record, film, batch
Honor Grandparents with a Family Tree Gathering
Last Revised 18 Sep 2015

Given here are great suggestions for holding a family history centered reunion. Choosing the right place, making all feel welcome, using visuals like photos and videos of family members, interview family members, or try a gathering online. Lots of links to more great ideas and advice.

Greg McMurdieAllhandoutFamily reunions, MemoriesAll
How to Implement Find, Take, Teach Successfully
Last Revised 30 Sep 2016

Find, Take, Teach has the potential to revolutionize family history in our families and local congregations. It's a powerful tool to help those new to family history find success. Learn how you can be a part of it!

Kathryn GrantbeginnerpresentationFind, Take, TeachAll
Last Revised 31 Aug 2017

As devices get smaller and smaller, words on computer programs disappear, and are replaced with ICONS. Test yourself to see if you know what the ICONS and Emojis here mean. Most are from FamilySearch, Family Tree and Memories and Mobile Apps.

Cathy AndereggintermediatepresentationFamily Tree, temple, indexing, research, duplicates, FamilySearch partnersanyICONS, Emoji, Emoticons
Indexing - How to get Started, What it Does for Family History
Last Revised 25 Oct 2017

Two lessons:

How to Get Started with Indexing

What Indexing records does for Family History

Cathy AndereggbeginningpresentationindexinganyNew Web Version
Indexing - What it Does for Family History and Families
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

Indexers, whether human or machine, extract data from records and FamilySearch converts the readable record into Search Hints, which can be attached to Person Pages on Family Tree. This process not only proves the correctness of a record on Family Tree, but also adds persons into families, not previously known.

Cathy AnderegganypresentationindexinganySource Hints, Attaching
Instructional videos for Web Indexing
Last Revised 15 Sep 2017

Links to 25 instructional videos for web indexing. These explain the basic concepts to the novice indexer, then provide illustrated examples of the steps required to select, index and complete a batch.  The new concept of Review is explained and illustrated.

Steve Worleyanyvideoindexinganyweb indexing
LDS Family History Course
Last Revised 1 Aug 2015

This course contains 13 lessons. It is designed to encourage members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to get involved with family history and temple work, to learn basic family history principles, and to help make FamilySearch Family Tree "worthy of all acceptation" (D&C 128:24). It can be used to train other consultants, FHC workers, or it may be completed online by anyone. While the videos and much of the course materials come from lds.org and leted online by anyone. While the videos and much of the course materials come from familysearch.org, the overall course content is the responsibility of the author. Anyone is free to use all or parts of this course in teaching others for non commercial purposes. Feedback is welcome at mark.shepherd.email@gmail.com.

Mark Shepherdbeginning, intermediatehandout, presentationResearch skills, Records and sources, templeAll, Consultants, Priesthood leaders
Learning to Hear the Spirit through Family History
Last Revised 20 Dec 2016Doing family history is one of the best tutorials in learning to recognize the Spirit.
Kathryn GrantanyblogFind, Take, TeachAll
Merging people in Family Tree
Last Revised 1 Sep 2015

Ben gave this presentation at the 2013 BYU Genealogy Conference and at Riverton and other places in 2014. He gives the background of merging and how it differs from combining in newFamilySearch. His explanations are clear and helpful. Less than 1 hour to present

Ben BakerintermediatepresentationFinding and merging duplicatesAll
Mobile Family Tree and Mobile Memories Apps
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

Mobile devices are getting more and more used. These presentations show how to use the Family Tree and Memories Apps.

Cathy AnderegganypresentationFamily TreeanyMobile Family Tree App, Mobile Memories App
"My Tree" and "The Magic Well": How Mental Models Influence Use of FamilySearch Family Tree
Last Revised 10 Oct 2014

This presentation explores two common but inaccurate mental models of FamilySearch Family Tree. It compares them with how Family Tree actually works, and suggests ways to correct inaccurate mental models.

Kathryn Grantbeginning, intermediate, presentationFinding and merging duplicates, Research skills, TempleAll
Nauvoo Times Series on Family History
Last Revised 22 Jul 2015

See articles for Jul 25, 2012, Dec 10, 2014 and March 4, 2015 to January 31, 2016.

Kathryn GrantAllotherResearch skills, Records and sources, Finding and merging duplicates, Navigating FamilySearch and Family Tree, TempleAll
One Great Work
Last Revised 24 Aug 2017

Provides instructions for accessing the family history report on lds.org for those with a temple and family history calling.

Shanna Jonesanyhandouttempleconsultants, priesthood leaders
Partners with FamilySearch
Last Revised 25 Oct 2017

Two lessons here:

Sourcing to Family Tree with Partners. Experts asses which partner offers the best resources. Ancestry.com featured in this lesson

Partners with Family Tree: Includes overviews of Famicity, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, American Ancestors, Geneanet and how they work with FamilySearch

Cathy AndereggintermediatepresentationFamily Tree, FamilySearch partnersusers, consultants, anyFamicity, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, American Ancestors, Ancestry, Geneanet
Prophets, Promises, and Accuracy
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

Why we do Family History in 3 presentations: Over 100 quotes of promises and admonitions from LDS Prophets. A shorter version emphasizing accuracy, sourcing, merging duplicates, and proving relationship to you. Also a collection of inspirational stories - miracles or serendipity? You decide.

Cathy AnderegganypresentationFamily Tree, temple, research, duplicatesAllProphet Quotes, Promises, Admonitions, Miracles, Serendipity
Research Advice from the Pros
Last Revised 1 Aug 2017

Compiled posts from FamilySearch, James Tanner, Family History Daily, Cyndis List, Dear Myrtl, Ancestry Insider, Bill Buchanan, The Olive Tree, Lisa Louise Cooke, Amy Archibald, Barry Ewell, Randy Seaver, FindMyPast, History Lines, Internet Archive, Ancestor Seekers, Amy Johnson Crow, Genealogy Roots Web, Dick Eastman, Nutfield Genealogy, Genealogy Tip of the Day, Genealogy Trails, Ancestor Hunt, Irish Times, Granite Genealogy, Genealogy Bank, Worldwide Genealogist, Just Ask, Association of Professional Genealogists, Free Pages Genealogy RootWeb, and more.

Cathy Anderegganyother_formatFamilySearch Historical Records, research, FamilySearch partnersAllDNA, Facebook, Historical Records and Hints, Handwriting, and more
Research Basics for Consultants
Last Revised 1 Jan 2012

This is a presentation by FamilySearch giving an overview of necessary research strategies all consultants should know.

FamilySearchbeginning, intermediatepresentationResearch skillsConsultantsStrategies
Rethink the Source Box
Last Revised 27 Jan 2016

Advanced uses for the Source Box in Family Tree.

Chris YoungadvancedpresentationRecords and sources, Research skillsAll
Riverton FamilySearch Library Handouts and Guides
Last Revised 25 Aug 2017

These handouts and guides from Riverton FS Library can also be found on the FamilySearch Wiki.

Missionariesanyhandout, presentation, course, videoFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, temple, indexing, research, duplicates, FamilySearch partnersanyFS Wiki material
Separating Incorrectly Combined/Merged Records
Last Revised 25 Jan 2016

This video shows how to separate records that were incorrectly combined in new.familysearch.org or incorrectly merged in Family Tree. Note: Because Family Tree changes frequently, the relationship screens in the video might look different than the current screens in Family Tree.

Heather McPhieintermediate, advancedvideoFinding and Merging Duplicates in Family Tree, Research skills, TempleAll
Sources: Organize, Edit, and Personalize
Last Revised 26 Aug 2017

It is very important to attach Sources to prevent incorrect edits on Family Tree, since it is a Wiki where anyone can change anything. But the Source Field on a Person Page can get messy, and sources are hard to find. Learn how to make Source Dividers or Headers to organize sources by Categories or Chronologically. Also learn how to  Edit the source title, make a copy so that Sources can be Personalized for each person to whom it applies, Detach or Remove a source.  

Cathy Anderegg, Guy BlackanypresentationFamily TreeanySource Dividers, Organize by Categories or Chronologically, Edit Titles
Strange Things You May Not Know Yet
Last Revised 26 Aug 2017

DNA versus Extremism, Costs; FamilySearch YouTube Videos; Family Sharing Projects in Private Spaces; Visibility of Memories on Google; FS Homepage Dashboard Items; Organize and Rename Sources; ICONs on FamilySearch; Floating Sections on a Person Page; Watch List Filters make Index, Leave Footprints; FS Badges and Campaigns; Responsive Web Design - Mobile Tips; Little Family Tree for Kids

Cathy AnderegganypresentationFamily Tree, DNAanyYouTube, Private Family Projects, Google Memories, Dashboard, ICONs, Floating Sections, Watch List Filters and index, Footprints, Responsive Design
Taking an Ancestor or Cousin to the Temple
Last Revised 4 Feb 2016

President Thomas S. Monson counseled us to "plunge into this work ... and prepare for some uphill climbing." This presentation describes how to take the plunge. The document 10 Steps to Taking an Ancestor or Cousin to the Temple also covers additional "uphill climbing" steps to help you learn to "perform [your] family history work well", as President Monson said the Lord expects.

Mark ShepherdbeginningpresentationFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, templeAll
Temple & Family History - Family Home Evening
Last Revised 25 Aug 2017

This is a great .pdf item that can be used with children for Family Home Evening. It has games relating to families, great photos and pedigrees, pictures to color, and is a fun tool to get family members interested in family history.

Howard Campbeginninghandout, presentationresearchfamily, youthFH Games, links to pedigrees, photos
Temple Work through Descendancy Research
Last Revised 24 Apr 2016

Is your family history "all done"? Learn how to find name through a reliable process. You'll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls.

Kathryn Grantbeginning, intermediate, presentationDescendancy Research, TempleAllcousins
Temple Work through Descendancy Research
Last Revised 6 Sep 2016

Is your family history "all done"? Learn how to find name through a reliable process. You'll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls.

Kathryn Grantbeginning, intermediate, webinarft, temple, researchAllcousins
The Timeline Grid: An Easy Way to Find, Track, and Use Your Research
Last Revised 13 Nov 2016

The timeline grid is a simple, unique research log that helps you track and use the information you find. You create it using a word processor or spreadsheet program. It's simple enough for beginners, but powerful enough for advanced users. More information is available here.

Kathryn Grantbeginning, intermediate, presentationResearch skills, Records and sourcesAllresearch log
Understanding the Data in FamilySearch Family Tree
Last Revised 7 Jun 2016

FamilySearch Family Tree contains information for over a billion people. But where did the information come from? The answer may surprise you. An accurate understanding of the information in Family Tree helps prevent errors and duplicate ordinances.

Kathryn GrantanypresentationFamily Tree, temple, duplicates, IGI, AF, PRFAll
Using Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates from the GRO—for England and Wales
Last Revised 4 Mar 2017

How to use the civil indexes and certificates to step back in time. The document describes five case studies from the author's own research. The new search engine on the GRO website now displays the mother's maiden name for birth entries and can be used to find children who were born and died between the 10 year censuses which began in 1841.

Steve Worleyanyhandoutresearchany
What Every Family Tree User Should Know About Name-Finding Apps
Last Revised 10 May 2017

It sounds so good: run an app and find dozens or even hundres of temple names. But as with most things that sound too good to be true, name-finding apps come with significant downsides for you and others. This presentation illustrates how to find names without a name-finding app and provides cautions if you choose to use one.

Kathryn GrantanywebinarFamily Tree, temple, research, duplicatesany
What Lack I Yet?
Last Revised 6 Jun 2016

Citing Church leaders, this PowerPoint show is designed to encourage LDS families and their leaders to set personal, family and Church Unit goals. One of the four focuses of the Church is enabling the salvation of the dead by building temples and performing vicarious ordinances. This presentation includes the process and standards for performing this sacred work.

Terrence Masonanypresentationtemple, research, duplicatesConsultants, Priesthood leaders, All