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I Choose Him as my Father
True story of a living father and a deceased son coming together through vision to be sealed.
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Miracles or Serendipity?
These stories of miraculous happenings that helped people find their ancestors. Stories have been compiled from Ancestry Insider, the Deseret News, L.D.S Daily, and many more sites.
Cathy P Andereggstory
Preserving the World's Records
This is an example of how people from many faiths can come together to get the records of their family preserved, and how the Lord opens doors.
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Prophecies and Promises for Family History
This is a compilation of motivational and inspiring quotes, sayings, and scriptures from Prophets and prominent Mormon genealogists from Joseph Smith to the present, including Malachi and other biblical prophets with their photos where available. There are some startling predictions regarding technology which advances family history.
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Saving Kings and Slaves
During a sealing session, our family was able to perform this sacred work for members of a royal family in the 4th Century AD and for African American slaves. A testimony of the love God has for all.
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Stories that Bind Us Together
This is an article that appeared in the NY Times of the importance of stories in keeping families together.
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The Little Red Hen and Family History
This talk recounts the story of the Little Red Hen and how her efforts are much like we lone family historians, working "all by ourselves." This inspirationsl talk helped motivate an entire ward to get more engaged in family history.
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The Prince of Peace
Primary Sharing Time message emphasizing that when the Savior returns, He will come to His temple. If we have faith in Christ, repent, and obey Him, we will be the kind of people who will be at the temple when He comes again.
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