Genealogy Giggles

Enjoy the lighter side of family history.

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Abbott and Costello meet the Computer Age
Advances in technology sometimes frustrate those of the older generation. You may relate to this "Who's on first" type of exchange. 10 minutes.
Cathy Anderegghumor
Family History Funnies
This is a compilation from many sites of cartoons, sayings, epitaphs, and other humorous items designed to make genealogists recognize the humor in their obsession and hobby. Fun stuff.
Cathy AnderegghumorFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, research
Family Tree Rhapsody
The frustration and joy we all feel at times doing family history is expressed in a very creative way by the Wilson Family. Teens will love this one.
Genealogy Giggles
This is a compilation of funny sayings, cartoons, and other humorous items making gentle fun of the addiction we have to genealogy. This should make you smile as you see a humorous perspective of the family history world.
Cathy AnderegghumorFamily Tree, FamilySearch Historical Records, research
Tombstone Tickles and Relative Riots
What will you have printed on your tombstone? You might get some good ideas here. Or NOT! People say the darndest things. Thanks to the guys on Yammer for the suggestions.
Cathy Anderegghumorgraveyard, marker, engraving
Ward Bulletin Bloopers
These bloopers--a mish mash of weird phrase juxtapositions, mixed metaphors, misspellings, typos, etc.--should bring a smile to all.
Cathy Anderegg, Mel Marker and othershumorward bulletin bloopers